Wheat Free Cherry Crock Pot Dump Cake

Our family has different food sensitivities, including one who is allergic to peanuts. Every time I open a magazine or search the net I see many recipes with almond butter, almond milk, peanut butter etc. I am always looking for variations in recipes. First thing I did is go on the E.D SMITH website and was pleasantly surprised to find out the cherry filling is dairy, peanut and wheat free.  If you can make this with a regular cake mix why not Gluten Free. Lets give it a try. 🙂


There is 3 simple ingredients:

  •  1 Box Gluten Free Cake Mix
  • 1 Can (540 ml )of Cherry Pie Filling
  • 1/2 cup of melted butter


First step is pour the cherry filling into the crock pot and spread it out evenly on the bottom.


Now take the cake mix (dry) and dump it over the cherry filling; drizzle melted butter evenly over the top. Cover and let it cook for 2 – 4 hours on  high, depending on how hot your crock pot gets. Don’t peak! We served it with whip cream and ice cream. WHEAT FREE!! EASY!! YUMMY!!


Dairy Free *Use dairy free margarine or coconut oil instead of butter


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