Easter Peeps Cupcakes

I love any excuse to make cupcakes so when our family was invited to our friends for a Easter BBQ and found out there would be 8 kids of all ages….  OMEB OH MY EASTER BUNNY!

IMG_7993 (2)

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to make these cupcakes and I promise you anytime you arrive with homemade versus store bought, your efforts will be appreciated.


Make cupcakes from a box or homemade


I made vanilla and chocolate  butter cream frosting and for the extras on top I had Peeps, candy corn, and sprinkles.

I had fun with 4 different tips
IMG_7896 (2)
To keep the frosting from coming out the top of the bag I use a green twist tie






IMG_8003 (2)IMG_8003 (2)IMG_8003 (2)


HAPPY SPRING! Keep checking back to mark my first month blogging I’m going to have a contest giveaway. More details coming soon. 🙂



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