Chocolate Candy Bark

Who has leftover Easter chocolate and candies?  We do!!   I was watching the Marilyn Dennis Show last week and they had a segment on Easter leftovers. Once the show was over I gathered chocolate and candies, cut up marshmallows and in 15 minutes I had made Chocolate Candy Bark. Talk about a sugar high!!  Understatement..  I was planning to take the chocolate bark to work on Friday but I have a feeling it won’t last. Hahaha.. 🙂

Chocolate Candy Bark

Have fun choosing your toppings.


Chocolate bunny with ears still intact, chopped up candy coated chocolate eggs and cut up ducky marshmallows.

I took out the double boiler and melted Mr. Bunny.


Once the chocolate was melted I took the spatula and spread the chocolate on wax paper.

Chocolate goodness. My chocolate bunny had rainbow stars.

Now the fun part, sprinkling the candy and marshmallows all over the chocolate.

Sugar high alert! Sugar high alert!

I put the chocolate candy bark in the fridge for an hour, cut it in sections with a knife.

My International student couldn’t resist when he got home from school.
Chocolate Candy Bark
Fashionable Chocolate.
candy bark 2
Fun for all ages!!



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