Laundry Room Makeover

Our laundry room has been a disaster waiting to happen with baskets of clean laundry, towels and sheets everywhere. I even had a basket full of one sock wonders. One good thing about all that is I could close the bifold closet doors and forget about it until I did laundry again. Well…. that all changed when my washer finally stopped working. We went out bought a new pair ( I switched to the new Top Load washers without the agitator). After the delivery and the set up guys had departed, we realized that the doors would not close anymore. I see a DIY project coming.

Before and after

The laundry room was looking pretty bare and washed out but a little paint and whimsical pieces adds flare to the laundry room.

Who wants to see this every time you go upstairs? Not me….

Went out and bought some paint for the walls and for the cupboards.

The painting has begun. Looking better already.
Touch up here… touch up there.

We decided to go with a black shelf to give it a different perspective. I found some cool old fashion water valve knobs at a speciality store.


With the knobs on the cupboards, pictures on the wall and the shelf up it was looking pretty. I was thinking of putting a little chandelier but we couldn’t find one we liked until….

Fun and whimsical.

I must say I wasn’t sure how it was going to look but was pleasantly surprised with the finished touch. I love it!!

The Laundry room at its best.